Process Automation

Let's streamline your business for simplicity, achieve transformation,
increase operation quality, reduce costs and improve delivery.

Towards the factory of the future

We support you in your journey towards the sustainable factory of the future.

Self-Assessment Global

We provide for you the Manufacturer Self-Assessment in the link below. Assess the current state of your operations against defined transformation areas.

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Factory of the Future Global

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the factory of the future in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Sustainable Production Global

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the sustainable production in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Process automation

Let's streamline your processes for simplicity and achieve transformation.

Research and Development

Automation tools can standardize and streamline the many moving parts of this process. From project management and data tracking to document processing, conversion and template-filling, connecting it all leads to faster engineering change orders, quicker time to market, fewer errors, and more efficiency overall.

Procurement Process

Supplier and materials management are usually comprised of manual, ad hoc processes throughout many procurement channels. Procurement automation tools can streamline these processes involving supplier requirements, supplier relationships, and the ordering of goods and services.

Sales and Ordering

Automation tools can combine multiple integrated systems and not only provide full documentation and real-time visibility into sales and order status, but can handle pricing calculations, payment processing, address parsing, task assignments, tracking, and adapt to any order changes along the way.

Distribution and Logistics

Automation can reduce the time it takes to get these tasks done by processing a high volume of product information for faster time to revenue, analyzing it for optimization, or looking up the status of any given piece for real-time tracking for better customer service. Shorten the distribution and logistics process.

Compliance Process

Managing compliance information and data in the same structure as you manage quality initiatives can also mean leveraging regulatory data beyond compliance, using this intelligence for competitive advantage, quality improvement and machine learning opportunities. Achieve accuracy and improved adherence to corporate quality.

Production Process

Manufacturing also comes with a multitude of sensors and IoT devices. Process automation is a way to orchestrate and connect all of the data into one digital thread, then use that information for real-time visibility, analytics, AI-assisted decision making, reporting and communications. Avoid process bottlenecks in production.

Transformation with process automation

We can help organisations in different phases of the automation journey. For those in the initial phases our Proof of Concept (POC) service is proven useful, as it educates the organisation on automation opportunities while identifying first processes to be automated. The POC results in a working prototype of a bot. During the project we will workshop with relevant teams and involve them in the design and development. This will increase awareness and buy-in across the organisation. Please contact us to request more information on the POC service.

Performing a POC is just one way to start to learn and demonstrate the benefits of Intelligent Automation. We will also help to establish and implement a full automation programme.

Our industry experts will support you on your journey to success.

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