Product Engineering

Cutting-edge designing and engineering will bring the spectrum of services from
the initial inspiration to the final touch of the valuable product.

Towards the factory of the future

We support you in your journey towards the sustainable factory of the future.

Self-Assessment Global

We provide for you the Manufacturer Self-Assessment in the link below. Assess the current state of your operations against defined transformation areas.

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Factory of the Future Global

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the factory of the future in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Sustainable Production Global

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the sustainable production in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Product engineering

Cutting-edge designing and engineering will bring the spectrum of services.

Concept Creation

This is the initial stage, which involves conceiving the idea and at the same time documenting it in terms of specifications and requirements. Then the idea is further scrutinized to know whether it is worth pursuing or not. Though a concept may seem exciting at the first glance, it may not always be worth pursuing.

Product Design

Once the concept is finalized, the next phase is to bring the concept to life by creating engineering designs. Ensuring achievement of the best possible alignment of solutions taking in to account customer needs. Any improvements and changes are made in this phase before the design is finalized.

Product Development

The next phase is about developing or assembling of the product. A lot of attention is paid to implementing the project and managing quality requirements and optimizing costs. Our in-house engineers understand your challenges and deliver relevant solutions based on practical experience.

Product Testing

A developed product always has to go through stringent quality checks to validate that the developed product is fault-free and can be used as intended. Any faults need to be identified during this phase and then required changes, modifications or rectification is done in order to release the product.

Product Release

Once the product is developed, it is then released into the market. An appropriated marketing plan will be prepared. Feedback will be collected from users to further improve the product in the following versions. It can also be given to external product testers to understand the user experience.

Product Sustenance

Once the product is released into the market, periodic updates and enhancements will be pushed with time along with maintenance. A support system also needs to be established to meet customer grievances and to rectify those issues in a timely manner. Sustenance has to be provided for the intended lifespan of the product.

Success in innovation and engineering

Growth in today’s ultra-competitive global market requires an environment that can harness the power of innovation to quickly and effectively meet customer demand for new products, solutions and services. Organizations struggle to create a complete strategy for the life cycle of their products offered. Firms have difficultly launching products and moving them through the life cycle expeditiously. Moreover, the fast-changing economy requires organizations to be diligent about rationalizing products that produce less desirable financial results.

GND approach balances increased speed to market with the ability to deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price.

Our industry experts will support you on your journey to success.

Product Engineering

Value creation throughout investment cycle

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Operational value creation guidelines

GND Technology ("GND") and each of its majority-owned subsidiaries and associates (together with GND, the "Firm") creates finacial, market, and operational value for its Clients. GND Technology is leading the field of operational value creation by capitalising on advanced technologies, innovative systems, and outstanding people.

In the links bellow you can find our written guidelines and procedures: