Quality Assurance

The way of preventing mistakes, defects and avoiding potential problems
gives confidence in the business endeavour for long-term success.

Towards the factory of the future

We support you in your journey towards the sustainable factory of the future.

Self-Assessment Global

We provide for you the Manufacturer Self-Assessment in the link below. Assess the current state of your operations against defined transformation areas.

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Factory of the Future Global

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the factory of the future in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Sustainable Production Global

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the sustainable production in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Quality assurance

The way of preventing mistakes, defects and avoiding potential problems.

User Experience

User experience testing is the process of collecting qualitative and quantitative data from the user, whilst the user is subject to all aspects of a service or product. Such testing is paramount to the success of an end product. Through user acceptance and experience testing we make sure that your product has a smooth user experience.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is the practice of evaluating how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. Performance tests are typically executed to examine speed, robustness, reliability, and efficiency. It is widely used in Agile models and is all about discovery, investigation, and learning.

Auditing and Assurance

Auditing and Assurance services of the highest quality, characterised by the modern methods we apply, our proximity to our clients and our risk analysis. The financial information provided by companies requires maximum credibility. We use the methods based on applying auditing procedures that are generally accepted at the international level.

Correction and Preventation

Real-time notification and preventive and corrective action workflows enable organization to efficiently communicate with all affected parties to streamline collaborative activities and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Reporting capabilities provide real-time visibility into manufacturing trends and quality management issues.

Certification and Compliance

In a sceptical world, certification is a powerful way for organisations to build confidence and trust with customers, employees and wider stakeholders. However, too often the journey to certification is time-consuming, inconsistent, and difficult to manage. We offer an efficient, focused and collaborative approach for certification.

Staff Training

Good training and development programs help you retain the right people and grow profits. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. Engagement and development of talents from the time they are first onboarded impacts retention and business growth.

Quality based on real data

Quality Assurance is an ongoing process of collecting information, performing tests, and improving your product. It never stops – just like the world, businesses, users, and our needs never cease to change.

Achieving excellence requires the satisfaction of a robust challenge, at the right time, properly planned and executed with the highest level of quality in the ogranisational processes. We ensure quality on major projects with Quality Assurance management of your entire organization – embedded within your project team.

Our industry experts will support you on your journey to success.

Product Engineering

Value creation throughout investment cycle

Deal sourcing
Due diligence

Operational value creation guidelines

GND Technology ("GND") and each of its majority-owned subsidiaries and associates (together with GND, the "Firm") creates finacial, market, and operational value for its Clients. GND Technology is leading the field of operational value creation by capitalising on advanced technologies, innovative systems, and outstanding people.

In the links bellow you can find our written guidelines and procedures: